Air Pressure Vehicle

The engine of the vehicle is powered by using compressed air as fuel. The air is compressed in two cylinders at a pressure of 150bar. The air at the pressure of 150bar is made to flow into the motor at 6bar through a regulator. A ball valve connection is provided near the driver’s seat to regulate the flow of air which in turn controls the speed of the vehicle.

A chain connects the shaft of the motor to a five speed gear on the rear wheel. Here the rear wheel is the driving wheel which pushes the vehicle forward.


  1. Total weight of the vehicle is less when compared to conventional vehicles.
  2. Elimination of polluting oil as lubricant in the engine.
  3. Reduced maintenance cost as a result of low moving parts.
  4. Old vehicles can be retrofit at a reasonable cost.
  5. Drastically reduced vehicle cost realized by the radical reduction of total components needed for drive train components.
  6. Lower onboard fuel storage weight due to use of compressed air as an energy source.

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